Everything began when my friend sculptor Loïc Bodin asked me to begin a common reflection on the dichotomy between the body and the spirit.

The exhibition "the Soul in the body" of Jean Clair in the Grand Palais in 1993 had already prepared the ground important and highlighted a development towards the immateriality of the creative thought by a historic route going cut-away diagrams of Fragonard to a video very colored with the cerebral electric impulses. This video was large-sized and established the wall of the bottom of the exhibition, as the buffer at the bottom of the reflection.

Many of us (visitors of this exhibition) kept an unforgettable memory so much at the level of the quantity and of the quality of the presented works but especially for the quality, the relevance and the erudition of the subject of Jean Clair.

Three years ago now, saint Gaudens's cultural center joins to our reflection.

Gaudens was a young shepherd who was beheaded by the Visigoths. This anecdote was enough to legitimize the development of our search.

The episode of Salomé was imperative and especially its consequences on the life (and the death) of Jean Baptiste.

brief historical reminder:

Herod, who was not king, but simple governor of a Roman province, is married with her beautiful sister Hérodiase. The latter has a girl dune great beauty named Salomé.

At the same time, Jean-Baptiste, cousin of the Christ, cries in the wilderness the next coming of the Messiah and critic closes the attitude of Herod.

Herod does not hate having confrontations with the moralizer and finds interesting the discussion with him.

Hérodiase, on the other hand, appreciate hardly this situation because it finds that Jean-Baptiste carries shade in the any power of his husband. She expresses him it on numerous occasions.

Of highly-rated sound, Salomé in crowbar seriously and silently for Jean-Baptiste.

Herod prepares then a big reception with very important characters. Hérodiase advises him(her) to lock the moralizer so that he does not make too much noise during the ceremony.

Herod thus locks Jean-Baptist whereas Hérodiase intrigues with his daughter for a terrible market …

Warmed by the banquet and eyeing his beautiful daughter, Herod insists with her so that she dances.

"King", not being able any more, throws the sentence in front of his guests witnesses: " if you dance for us Salomé, what asks I what you want and I would grant him to you … "

Salomé executes then the said dance of " 7 veils ", the first heathen dance which is other than a steap tease.

Herod, which could not lose face in front of his guests heightens the wish of Salomé:

The head of Jean-Baptiste on a tray of silver.

This terrible story gave material to a lot of artists of any periods. She is metaphoric on several levels.

The room of Oscar Wilde entitled "Salomé" is particularly suggestive of human stakes which brew.

Of my quoted, I tightened my attention and my reflection on the popular expression: " go nuts for ". The fortuitous meeting with an ideal model at this very moment allowed me to realize this series of photographic works.

I used an old process of the middle of the 19th century to fix my images to the paper: the bichromatée gum. And, upstream, the digital collage so allying, once again, the archaic techniques to those of today.

The obtained images offer to the look, a "very old" aspect making us navigate between the sociological current events and the first romantic photos of the 19th, by avoiding carefully an excess of haemoglobin which avoids falling in a certain vulgarity.

These images are doubtless going to arouse some reactions, maybe even the indignation.

But what to say about this torture victim who decorates our crossroads to the very depths of our campaigns?



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