Since 2014, I have a chance to work 3 weeks a year in the famous Chinese City of Jingdezhen, world capital of the china, to realize rooms there "blue and white" under enamel. Besides the discovery and the improvement of this technique...

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Les moteurs

Il est des choses qui nous rappellent que nous sommes le résultat d’actions auxquelles nous n’avons pas participé. La série des moteurs est née d’une conjonction d’évènements. Je  peignais à l’époque, une série de natures mortes géantes nourries ...

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The neck

I had to fall in love in front of the nape of the neck of one of the spinners painted by Velasquez, during my visit to the museum of Prado, so that to become aware that this subject is under my eyes every day when I teach the drawing or the painting....

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Les guerriers mongols

Between 1890 and 1892, Edgar Degas transforms a feminine nude in landscape. The breasts of the model become soft hills, while the falling hair is transformed into abrupt cliffs dominating the sea. It is in this sense that Degas distinguishes himself ...

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Everything began when my friend sculptor Loïc Bodin asked me to begin a common reflection on the dichotomy between the body and the spirit. The exhibition "the Soul in the body" of Jean Clair in the Grand Palais in 1993 had already prepared the ground...

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